SureCall equipment is a performance leader for better cell coverage. TEAM ITS now has certified Installers and can help make the most out of your equipment purchase.

With central Illinois being mostly rural area and lots of metal siding and roofing commonplace in businesses and homes, signal boosters are a necessity. Unfortunately, not all boosters are created equal. We went in search of the best and our research led us to SureCall.

The wide ranging product line for use with any mobile carrier for small to large office spaces, as well as mobile and home applications made this choice easy. The competitive price just added to our delight. Partnering with SureCall enhanced our already outstanding suite of products we offer our customers.

This is a product we know we can stand behind because SureCall stands strongly behind us. Call us today and let our certified installers help you find the perfect product for your situation and get you quickly up and running.

With SureCall equipment, you can:

  • Strengthen multiple cell carriers to provide yourself with a primary or failover internet solution, making this a feasible alternative to slow internet speeds through traditional copper phone company lines.
  • Improve voice, text and 4G LTE data signals for every US cell carrier, in offices and commercial buildings for spaces up to 500,000 sq. ft.
  • Be using the most powerful multi-user vehicle signal booster for all carriers. It delivers top performance with improved call reliability and the fastest data speeds.