We have a large number of clients that are needing to upgrade their windows 7 pc’s to Windows 10 and the PC hardware is not a good candidate to run Windows 10 adequately.  We at TEAM ITS went to our distributors and got a volume purchase special pricing that is now EXTENDED to March 13th, 2020!

We have two form factor case styles we have negotiated. The highlights of the two systems shown below are that they included I5-9500 processor; this is the latest generation 6 Core (yes 6 core) where previous I5 Processors have been 4 core or quad core.  The traditional mid-grade machine performance benchmark of previous generation I5 quad core processors is 4000-7000.  The benchmark of this i5-9500 processor is 12037.

This Optiplex 3070 series can be upgraded with an additional 8GB Ram in the additional slot on both MicroForm Factor(MFF) and the Small Form Factor (SFF) models easily.  Further memory upgrades are possible by using 16GB chips to maximum of 32GB Ram.  Plenty of memory expansion for future needs.  The Micro Form Factor is a very small PC, its dimensions are 7.2” x 1.4” x 7.0”.